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Lomdei Plaform Services

Support Staff

Lomdei is here to ensure that teachers who use the Lomdei Learning Platform have full support from our expert staff. Additionally, each teacher will be provided with 4 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, over the course of the school year, with a Lomdei representative.

Community of Platform Users

With close to 300 teachers in 50 schools using the Lomdei Learning Platform, we provide opportunities for teachers to connect with other teachers and learn and share best practices regarding Lomdei usage in their class. These mini sessions are provided over the course of the year so teachers can stay current and connected.

Students Learn with the Lomdei Platform

Custom Materials

Upon request, teachers can use the “Lomdei service” to provide their own materials that will be loaded on to their account by the Lomdei team, thus saving them the time of uploading their materials.

Students Learn with the Lomdei Platform