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About Lomdei

Established in 2010 by Rabbi Dovid Kestenbaum and Mr. Raphael Alter, Lomdei is committed to the ideal of “להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה,” promoting the greatness and grandeur of Torah, by facilitating high quality limud hatorah.

Lomdei empowers teachers to deliver high quality Torah instruction by facilitating the use of Blended and Personalized Learning in Limudei Kodesh classes, as well as in general studies classes in frum schools.

Rabbi Baumann addresses educators in YTCTE

Lomdei facilitates Blended and Personalized Learning in two significant ways.

The Lomdei BPL Program trains and equips teachers to employ Blended and Personalized Learning in their classrooms, and supports those teachers through one-on-one coaching and a community of like-minded educators.

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The Lomdei Learning Platform is a simple, yet powerful tool, helping students retain knowledge and deepen their Torah text skills in virtually all areas of Limudei Kodesh. Teachers who use this platform have access to both educational and technical resources to maximize their students' learning while using the Platform.

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Lomdei classroom in action

Lomdei is uniquely positioned to be an educational force in frum schools. Our Platform and BPL program are developed and run by rebbeim and moros who deeply understand the educational and spiritual needs and values of Limudei Kodesh.

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Over the past several years, Lomdei has grown in popularity. The Lomdei Learning Platform is currently in 60 schools throughout the world and, in just one year, the Lomdei BPL Program is training and coaching close to 20 teachers in 4 schools across the United States.

Lomdei classroom in action

To learn more about how Lomdei can enrich the Limudei Kodesh for your students, or to be in touch with teachers and school leaders whose students are already benefiting from Lomdei, please contact us.

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