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Lomdei's Professional Development Program

in Blended and Personalized Learning

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Lomdei's professional development program includes group training workshops over the course of the school year as well as one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the year, ensuring optimal chance of success.

Lomdei's coaches and facilitators are Limudei Kodesh teachers themselves, who have been trained and coached in the methods of Blended and Personalized Learning. They have implemented Blended and Personalized Learning in their own classrooms through years of trial and error and reflection on best practices. They have also become facilitators, coaches, and mentors for other Limudei Kodesh teachers striving to do the same in their own classrooms.

Group Training Workshops

The group training workshops provide the cohort of selected teachers with the knowledge and the ability to implement Blended and Personalized Learning in their classrooms. Blended and Personalized Learning theories will be explored and modeled throughout the workshops. Teachers will be able to walk away from these workshops with specific, and relevant techniques, tools, and examples of lessons and units (that have been implemented in real Limudei Kodesh classrooms) that can be used immediately in their own classrooms.

Additionally, all teachers in the cohort will be provided with ongoing support and guidance in planning lessons that are tailored specifically to the required grade level and subject area that they are teaching.

Lomdei teachers and coaches in training

Coaching Sessions

During our one-on-one coaching sessions, a coach meets with our trainees individually to support their ongoing implementation of Blended and Personalized Learning. During these sessions, the coach and rebbe or morah reviews successes and challenges they have had, discusses ways to improve and grow, and plans for future teaching units.

In addition, each trainee rebbe or morah will have access to the resources found on our website. This includes articles, sample lessons and materials, a live community of Lomdei trainees, and Lomdei's own learning platform for Limudei Kodesh.

Students Learn in a BPL classroom