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Lomdei Plaform: Kosher Devices

Kosher Devices

Under the guidance of Da’as Torah & Torah Umesorah, we have tried our best to service as many backgrounds of Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov's as possible regarding their allowed use of technology in and out of school. The Lomdei program is available through the different options below:


As an offline version is available for laptops or devices that have no internet connection.

Students Learn with the Lomdei Platform

White List

The Lomdei Learning Platform is controlled on a white list that the school provides, allowing student access to their accounts without giving them the ability to freely access the internet.

Locked Devices

Lomdei has an app (Available on Google and Apple) that will work on locked-down devices like the KPhone so students can go into their Lomdei app on these devices to do their work without the ability to access the internet.

Students Learn with the Lomdei Platform