Leading Blended and Personalized Learning Program for Limudei Kodesh

Lomdei delivers a simple yet powerful tool, empowering teachers to provide the most effective personalized limudei Kodesh learning experience students can receive.

The Lomdei Program, highly recommended and endorsed by Torah Umesorah (Click here to view Rabbi Nojowitz's letter), is aimed at delivering a simple yet powerful Limudei Kodesh educational tool focused on skill building, formative and summative assessments and rich data tracking for both teachers and their students.


Lomdei provides a massive library of ready to use limudei kodesh skill building assessments including Chumash, Navi, Mishna, Gemara, Yomim Tovim, Yedios Klalios, Ivrit and more.
Teachers are using Lomdei in many different ways in their class.
  • Kids go through parts of the program as a pre teach
  • Using it as a chazara & formative assessments once the materials have been taught.
  • Using it as summative assessments as well as for homework.
  • Predominantly, we have observed teachers use it as a tool to break up their class, thus enabling them to teach to a smaller group of students with more personalized attention as others are on their Lomdei accounts doing work that is all accounted for.
The Lomdei program, with its rich analytical data system, measures all of a student’s achievements, regardless of age, grade or subject.
  • Students get instant feedback on the work they are doing.
  • Teachers can view in real time the data that is being gathered through the reporting.
  • There is no marking required by teachers as the program self marks and collects the data in our reporting system.
Teachers can either use the already created content to send to students, and are also able to easily modify the assessment questions so that it speaks in the way the teacher would want to teach it to their class. The updates and modifications they make in their account automatically get updated in the student’s accounts.
Teachers can access lessons that have both passive learning including audio, video and reading sheets to help explain the lesson as well as active learning using formative and summative assessments.


Lomdei provides teachers a wealth of content that does not have to be created or marked, enabling them to provide students materials suited to their level of learning. Students go through the materials and can have specific content sent to their account thus allowing a differentiated instructional experience.
Our data has shown that students need for remedial or Special Ed has been minimized when using Lomdei to individualize their learning in class. This has many benefits.
Principals and teachers are able to access broad based and specific reporting in order to track overall student achievement and progress and provide accountability for teachers.
With its built in real time feedback, students are able to learn from their mistakes and correct them. Students retain this information for longer and it also motivates them to do better when they are able to see their successes right away.


Lomdei is here to ensure that as teachers, all your questions and clarifications are being dealt with. Over the course of the school year, we provide a Lomdei rebbe who is available Sun-Thursday for 2 hours in the evenings to deal with any questions that may come up from teachers. Additionally, each teacher will be provided with 4 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, over the course of the school year, with a Lomdei representative.
With close to 300 teachers in 60 schools using Lomdei, we are providing opportunities for teachers to connect with other teachers and learn and share best practices regarding Lomdei usage in their class. These mini sessions are provided over the course of the year so teachers can stay current and connected.
Upon request, teachers can use the “Lomdei service” to provide their own materials that will be loaded on to their account by the Lomdei team, thus saving them the time of uploading their materials.

Kosher Devices

Under the guidance of Da’as Torah & Torah Umesorah, we have tried our best to service as many backgrounds of Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov’s as possible regarding their allowed use of technology in and out of school. The Lomdei program is available through the different options below:
As an offline version on laptops or devices that have no internet connected to them. The students go through the materials in their accounts without needing to connect to the internet. This accommodates schools who have no wifi in their classrooms.
The program is controlled on a white list that the school provides - allowing kid’s access to their accounts without the ability of them accessing the internet.
We have created an app (Google and Apple) that will work on locked down devices like the KPhone device so that kids can go into their Lomdei app on these devices to do their work without the ability to access the internet.