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Learning Platform

The Premier Torah-Learning Software Platform in Jewish Day Schools

Equipped With a Library of Skill-Building Limudei Kodesh Content
Endorsed by Torah Umesorah

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BPL Program

Lomdei’s Blended and Personalized Learning (BPL) Professional Development Program

Geared Towards the Curricular Needs and Religious Values of Jewish Schools and Mosdos Torah

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Students learning collaboratively in a small group

Lomdei is leading the way, empowering each rebbe and morah to create the most dynamic, personalized, and educationally sound experience for their students!

להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה

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What Makes Lomdei Unique

A rebbe leads learning in small group
Custom BPL Program developed by expert mechanchim and geared for Rabbaim and Moros
A student learns with the Lomdei Platform
Unique Torah Learning Platform with thousands of skill-building questions
Students and teacher learn in a small group
Options for use without internet access
Mrs. Chani Richmond meets with school heads
BPL Coaching Training Program for Rabbaim and Moros
Lomdei Community of Teachers Zoom screen
Supportive community of Lomdei BPL and Platform users
Closeup of Lomdei Learning Platform screen
Comprehensive teacher support and data-driven feedback for Principals