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Promoting Blended and Personalized Learning להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה
November 2021  |  כסלו תשפ"ב
Lomdei PD in Blended and Personalized Learning Has Begun!

Known for its innovative educational computer platform, Lomdei has added a professional development service to train and coach teachers in the educational methodology of Blended and Personalized Learning (BPL) and its application in the לימודי קודש classroom.  15 rebbeim and moros from HALB, Yeshiva Sha’arei Zion, Phoenix Hebrew Academy, and Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes have joined Lomdei’s BPL Course as it kicks off its first year of teacher training. 

Lomdei’s training is developed and run by Mrs. Chani Richmond, Lomdei PD’s Director of Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, and Coaching. Mrs. Richmond  is a widely respected Jewish educator with over twenty years of experience as a morah, education leader, curriculum developer, and educational coach. She is joined by 4 instructional coaches, each of whom have many years of experience as rebbeim and moros  and have used BPL successfully in their own לימודי קודש classrooms. 

Watch some highlights from Lomdei's remote Professional Development Journey!

BPL is a cutting-edge educational approach that enables the teacher to customize the learning experience for each student.  BPL responds to each student’s learning needs and encourages students to be reflective about - and take responsibility for - their learning.  Learning with BPL is often marked by high student engagement, easy and effective classroom management, and increased student academic achievement.  When applied to לימודי קודש, BPL can be a powerful tool for a rebbe or morah. As Mrs. Richmond told the teacher trainees, “חנוך לנער על פי דרכו.  [BPL] is really about student path, pace, place, time: differentiated instruction according to the student, according to his דרך, according to the way that he needs it.”

Even before the school year began, Lomdei’s community of participating teachers, their administrators, and Lomdei’s instructional coaches have been preparing for the year of professional growth.  Pre-service orientation meetings introduced the basic concepts of BPL and Lomdei’s unique approach to applying BPL in a frum environment.  Meanwhile,  Lomdei’s coaches trained in the latest research-based coaching methodologies.

Lomdei’s teachers have now begun their year of training and professional growth.  They have already participated in the first two workshops to learn about BPL in theory and practice, and most will participate in an additional workshop in December. Geared specifically toward applying the methods of BPL in לימודי קודש classes, these workshops featured a wealth of resources and practical examples.  In addition to formal training, each teacher meets regularly with an instructional coach who supports their growth as they implement a new educational methodology. Along their journey, Lomdei’s teachers have access to exclusive online resources for BPL specifically designed for לימודי קודש, and participate in ongoing discussion forums with Lomdei colleagues, coaches, and Mrs. Richmond. 

Lomdei’s Professional Development is excited to contribute to the growth of its teacher trainees, as they design ever more engaging and responsive Torah-learning experiences for their students.  

Major Upgrades on the Way for Lomdei’s Flagship Learning Platform

Lomdei is updating its popular flagship learning platform!  Based on feedback, suggestions and comments from many rebbeim and moros who currently use the platform, Lomdei is hard at work on several key upgrades.  Teachers and students can expect more content, a vastly improved searching experience and greater control over student interaction with their Lomdei assignments.  This upgrade promises to make the experience in using the platform as seamless and effective as possible for both teachers and students, and to further Lomdei’s mission of “להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה” through Blended and Personalized Learning. In the words of Rabbi Jeremy Hartstein, Lomdei’s Director of Teacher Development, “Lomdei’s new platform will transform the way teachers differentiate in their classrooms, benefiting each and every learner on an individualized and personal level.”

Increased Torah content and ease of searchability will distinguish the new Lomdei platform.  Whether a teacher seeks ready-made Lomdei material on the perek they are teaching, or needs great review questions about a particular topic, the new Lomdei platform will allow them to search easily through all of Lomdei’s materials, to find exactly what they are looking for.  

Lomdei’s improved platform will also boast an overhauled method for managing student work.  Teachers will appreciate the ability to customize student assignments, complete with due dates and the ability to give personalized feedback.  Students will gain from the greater clarity of expectations and from tracking their success as they progress in their learning. 

Lomdei expects the new platform to be ready by the beginning of the next school year.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress and for special previews as they become available! 

Lomdei to Benefit from BPL Principal Advisory Committee

The Lomdei Organization is excited to announce the formation of its new BPL Principal Advisory Committee.  Chaired by Mr. Richard Altabe, Principal at Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (HALB), the committee will serve in several capacities to promote and enhance the use of Blended and Personalized Learning in לימודי קודש.  

The Principal Advisory Committee will focus on ways to promote BPL both within the Lomdei Organization and outward.  Within Lomdei, the committee will provide ongoing feedback on Lomdei’s professional development training.  The Committee will be in prime position to provide constructive feedback, as its schools experience success in implementing BPL, and as they identify areas for improvement.  Additionally the Advisory Committee plans to reach out to other Jewish schools across a wide hashkafic spectrum.  As the school administrators on the committee experience the power of BPL to enhance לימודי קודש for their students, they can expose others to the sizeable potential of BPL as well.  

A veteran master educator, Committee chair Mr. Richard Altabe is a passionate supporter of Blended and Personalized Learning in לימודי קודש.  As he told fellow school administrators at Lomdei’s orientation meeting for administrators, “If our mission is להגדיל תורה ולהדירה, if the learning they get is personalized - which means it affects them personally - they are more likely to adapt to that and want that, and Torah will be able to survive this onslaught of technology in the 21st century, if we address it through Blended & Personalized Learning.”  

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